Top Bitcoin Exchange List of Best UK Sites

Whether you already decided to plunge into the modern financial world or simply feel oats in digital merchantry, you definitely might want to define the best cryptocurrency exchange. Not an easy task, really! However, so many services bombard you with their tips that it must be a piece of cake. Unlike other platforms, we don’t offer promises. Before you stick to someone’s words about UK bitcoin exchange, we suggest you to thoroughly analyse the marketplaces, applied fees and then choose where to buy bitcoin in the UK. This is why you might find this page useful and informative since we’ve made a profound research for you.

Before coming to a decision, ponder over the safeness of a merchandise venue, ensuring that they implement all required safety measures on the website as well on the server. Don’t fall for the bitcoin price right away. There are a lot more key points to look for when considering the best cryptocurrency exchange. In our reviewed positions, we’ve included clear data on bitcoin UK tradesmen, pairs of currencies available, altcoins, government-issued values, and suchlike relevant data to help you get abreast of the leading exchanges in the United Kingdom.

For your convenience, the bitcoin exchange UK list was ranked by the trust score and votes. Ratings are put for the top-positioned boards. You also can check how friendly the venue is when defining its suitability. The higher the rank, the more beneficial it looks for the all players. However, you might want to compare the peers to see the difference in featured offerings. Consult the page whenever you have any concerns.

Popular UK Bitcoin Exchange Sites:

Rank Site Location
Beginner- friendly
Trust score Buy
1 binance

Shanghai, China

370+ crypto pairs
advanced-users B cryptocurrency

+ Cardano




2 localbitcoins local

all currencies
beginner-friendly A buy bitcoin with cash

+ paypal
+ bank transf.




3 cex

London, UK

beginner-friendly A buy bitcoin credit card

+ bank transf.
+ Ethereum




4 xcoins Santa Monica, USA

beginner-friendly B buy bitcoin credit card

+ bank transf. &




5 changelly

Prague, Czech Rep.

35+ crypto pairs
beginner-friendly B+ cryptocurrency

+ credit card




6 Coinmama Slovakia

advanced-users B+ buy bitcoin credit card

+ bank transf




7 coinexchange

❗ un-regulated ❗
190+ crypto pairs
advanced-users D- cryptocurrency




8 quadriga Vancouver, Canada

advanced-users B bank-transfer

+ interac




9 EXMO Exchange


advanced-users B cryptocurrency

+ Cardano




10 LakeBTC China

All currencies
beginner-friendly C+ bank-transfer

+ flexpin




11 hitbtc

Copenhagen, Denmark

25+ crypto pairs
advanced-users C- cryptocurrency




12 indacoin

Westminster, UK

beginner-friendly C+ buy bitcoin credit card

+ Ethereum





How to get bitcoins in the UK?

Luckily, the sheer number of trading places have been analysed for you and the outline on the leaders is provided above. The described details on every made suggestion for you will ensure you gain an understanding of where to buy BTC and how to process BTC to UK wallets without risking your earnings. You are free to opt for any payment method from Paypal, credit card, to transfer via bank and even use cash. Bear in mind that it’s better to store your virtual coins offline once you get them rather than online. Therefore, you can choose the ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ way to collect funds. Here are the e-wallets for your consideration. By transferring your digital units from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ storage back and forward, you will be secured. Though, remember to maintain safely your wallet’s keys so that all sums aren’t put at risk.

What is the most rewarding UK bitcoin exchange?

While it is still difficult to provide an exact answer to this question, we attempted to simplify your choice of the cryptocurrency exchange platform by revealing the pros and cons of the listed websites. By looking through them, you will get an idea of bitcoin security and how it is maintained. This is the core for your future success. For instance, CryptoGo’s rating for the reliability is above average. This stock market change is evidently the best place to buy bitcoin in the UK since thousands of traders trust it. Moving on with the consequent benefits, one should check out the coins performance on this marketplace, ensuring that they trade with various virtual items and checking if there’s an option to pay with physical values. Actually, here you can use a credit card and bank transfer to pay. For more details, you simply click on. In any case, it’s easy to determine whether the option is suitable for you or not.

Which exchanges are the biggest in the United Kingdom?

Obviously, you’ll see the answer right off since the resulted chart puts the largest venues up. In this respect, Coinbase, Coinmama and BitPanda are in the headlines. Make sure to review the rates and variety of volumes on a daily basis. You may also consult the world capitalization market such as coinkapp and their proportional stats for comparison purpose.

Regretfully, some worldwide buy-and-sell spots fail to preserve their first-rate services (i.e. altcoins) and provide users with the expected value. That’s how other peers obtain opportunities to outrank them in the global charts of the best cryptocurrency exchange. This happened to famous Cryptsy upon the demise. Conversely, the majority of the British trading crypto-spots are of medium size, which works a lot more beneficial than the large ones. Mainly because the broader the UK bitcoin exchange, the greater the likelihood that it will be disabled eventually. Note it when you opt for any you fancy. Despite the fact that big ones stand out in front of millions of traders due to amazing features they include, one should always test the waters before jumping in and trade a whaling sum.

Where users buy bitcoin cash in the UK?

You’ve probably heard that non-physical money brings sound profits. The crème of the crop is low fees and secure confirmations. But here’s the thing: it’s important to know where to operate with BCH and how to review the bitcoin price on the Internet. Essentially, you won’t go far without the safety matter. That’s to say: though the BTC protocols haven’t been hacked, there are cases of the peripheral business that often deals with the issue.  Evidently, it’s easier to define the least trustworthy markets than to estimate the reliability of others. Now, if you are looking for the top bitcoin currencies on the websites with the most privilege and voting, you are far more likely to hit the proper place.  The leaders like Coinfloor and CEX might worth your consideration. They seem to be geared for active merchants and less for small investors. LocalBitcoins is yet another trader in the UK suitable for purchase with physical money. Plus, it’s terrific for the newbies wanting to join the community of merchants. Well, you surely will find plenty of choices where you can buy bitcoin cash on UK places. For more ways to begin with, examine the listing above.

To improve your decision-making, keep on tracking the latest updates and the sites’ news as to regulations, pricing, and highest volumes. Take advantage of our page to consistently overview the #1 UK-registered bitcoins trades.